Me and my boss.

January 5

To restart my tiny venture, I logged back into the Tiny Housing Community Slack Channel to spark a hearty conversation with some optimistic chatter.

January 6

Right, let’s switch tactics. I revisited Slack to give Leanne (the community manager) a good poke and ask about the grand plan to build ‘England’s first tiny home village’. This is the response I got.

January 9

Considering it’s been over a year since my first entry, I did a new search to see if any other tiny builders had popped up.

Ecovert passive house

This company is all about designing and building ‘ultra-low energy Passivhaus homes’.

Ecofurb — Low carbon house service

This isn’t a builder, per say. It’s more for those lucky folks who already have a house, but just want it to be more sustainable. Ecofurb takes care of the whole renovation. This can be anything from full-on solar panels and upgraded insulation to a better boiler and LED lights.

January 12

You know what I just realised? I never shared what I learnt about getting land— mainly the confusing legal stuff and some very handy tips I swiped from tiny house discussion threads.

  • UKLandAndFarms: heinous website. Good place to find farmland
  • PlotFinder: take a wild guess at what they do
  • GumTree: sells just about everything. Avoid the serial killer bait
  • Facebook groups (landowners/farmers): like this one and this one
  • Zoopla: has a delightfully snazzy name. Also has all sorts of properties
  • Rightmove: I found my current apt here. I strongly recommend setting alerts for properties that match your search filters
  • If it’s land to lease: farmers are your best bet. They can tuck your home away and use them as ‘agricultural’ buildings.
  • If it’s land to purchase: you’re better off getting something that has been used for equestrian purposes. It’s been taken out of the ‘farming output’ for that area, so you’ll find it easier to get planning permission for your tiny house. Going a step further, saying that you’ll plant trees, sheltering the view from the road, adding composting toilet and solar for eco-friendly living, will give your application a nice boost.

January 17

It has come to my attention that a rather unfortunate cousin has recently gone through a messy divorce and, in his rush to find housing, he spent around £30,000 on a compact home. It’s in a green area, by a river, surrounded by a handful of other little homes.

January 22


Credit: Harris Shallcross

January 25

Leanne is such a good egg. She went and did a quick tour of their Nomad tiny house for me!

January 28

After much Googling, all this tiny house hoo-ha is really starting to feel like hiking in flip flops. Why oh why can’t I simply find an absurdly wealthy and handsome man with hilariously low standards who already lives in a sustainable house?

January 30

Well heck, the month is done already??


February 10

I’M BACK. Not with the good stuff. But stuff.

February 11

You know what radiates motivation with a sprinkle of depression?

Here’s the source Tweet.

February 18

Currently in the midst of the strongest storm the UK has seen in 30 years. And, as I’m sipping on my lukewarm tea (because I forgot I had made it) and staring at all the bits of rubbish flapping around — I have to wonder if a tiny house on wheels would survive such winds.

February 19

You know when you think of something and then Instagram shows you an ad for it 0.45 seconds later? Yeah, that happened.

Man saying “A bold claim”.

February 20

Right, I had the call with Cath from the Morrell House project, and here’s what you need to know.

February 22

My attempts to spark friendly conversation on this heckin’ app are underlining (in bold red pen) why I’m not built for dating apps.

February 25

I did a quick search to see what’s for sale in England, and found a website called Green Moves that specialises in eco builds. So I (naively) looked up eco homes for sale near London and got this—the sole result:

February 26

I went back to the GreenMoves website and signed up for an alert for any new homes that get posted. Then, in the corner of the website I noticed who was sponsoring them, so I Googled them too.

March 4

Oh look! A new eco property just got added to GreenMoves.

The listing is here, if you’re interested.

March 23

See? Told you I’d be back within a year.



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Jenny Medeiros


Tech writer/editor who dreams of living in a sustainable house with a delightfully stupid cat.