Inspiration, blueprints, and other tiny design tips

The (real) pros and cons of tiny living

A casual introduction to debt-free housing

  • The average mortgage in Britain is £115,000
  • The average time to pay off a mortgage is 35 years
  • There are other ways of owning a home without decades of debt.

Replace your plastic with these sustainable products!

Photo credit: Etee

You may *want* to get lost now

Image credit: LG

Turns out not all old folks hate technology

Image credit: KHN

From Washington Post to Vogue

Image credit: Digiday

Spoiler: It’s good news for AI

Image credit: Fluid

Time to make Alexa roast your friends for you

Image credit: Amazon Blueprints

Words matter more than ever.

Jenny Medeiros

Tech writer/editor who dreams of living in a sustainable house with a delightfully stupid cat.

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